Internationals Among Us

There is an amazing amount of people we live with as neighbors or in neighboring towns who come from places around the world that lack access to the gospel. So many global crises have caused a large amount of refugees and immigrants to leave their countries, in which they may never have had the chance to hear the gospel, and go to places where the gospel is present and active. We recognize that God has places these people among us, and we have the desire to reach out to the internationals that God has places right here in our area.

We also recognize that, what we do abroad should be an extension of what we do here. Forming relationships with internationals among us will help us taste the goodness of God and his heart for all peoples and all cultures to come together in worship to him. It will also challenge us to go outside our comfort zones to reach those who are not always like us.

We are pursuing opportunities to be involved with an international church in Boston as well as an opportunity to work with Muslims in Revere. We will also continue pursuing the possibility of relationships with refugees in Gloucester through organizations currently serving refugees in our town.