While Germany was the birthplace of the Reformation, over time it has become post-Christian. While the country’s statistics would say it is predominantly Christian, it is only 2% evangelical. Germany has also been a place of the mass immigration of refugees from global conflict. Germany is bursting with refugees, many coming from places where it is rare to even know a follower of Christ, let alone have heard the true message of the gospel. It is truly a gospel destitute place.

OCCL has had a heart for Germany for many years, ignited by the work of Joel and Tatjana White who were sent there many years ago and a few in the congregation with German heritage.

OCCL has chosen to support Joel and Tatjana White and their family’s ministry to Germany to train indigenous German believers through the seminary Joel teaches in and through their work in churches and with refugees. Their ministry serves to raise up leaders for the church in Germany who have a solid, Biblical faith and who will grow the current church in Germany exponentially.