Bangladesh & India

Bangladesh is a truly gospel-destitute place, with less than 1% of its population even claiming to know Jesus and less than .5% being evangelical. It is predominantly Muslim and many of its people struggle in poverty due to a poor economy, lack of opportunity for education, and a vulnerable climate. The lack of Christian presence in Bangladesh makes it incredibly difficult for Bengali people to even have a change to ever hear the gospel.

India alone has over a billion people, 902 million of whom practice Hinduism. Almost 90% of the people groups in India fall into the category of unreached, or less than 2% Christian. There is an incredible lack of access to any kind of gospel and even more lack of access to a sound gospel because of the lack of theological training for church leaders.

OCCL has felt God’s heart for the people of India and Bangladesh from some who have served in India as well as the passion that has overflowed from one in our congregation who has been commissioned and sent to Bangladesh. Their ministry is to reach Bengali people through training indigenous nurses with God’s gifts of healing and caring for the sick and wounded. Through this work and her life in Bangladesh she will endeavor to make disciples of Jesus Christ.