Pastor Application Information

Required Application Materials

The following is a list of materials each potential candidate must submit in order to be considered by the Pastoral Search Committee. Please submit materials electronically to All materials should be sent at the same time as one complete application. Materials will be kept strictly confidential among those with direct responsibility for making a recommendation to the congregation for our next Pastor/Teacher. An application will only be considered when all materials are received. Please endeavor to be concise in your responses. Be sure to note special instructions for item #2 below.

1. A Resume or CV which provides appropriate biographical information, record of all formal education and previous employment, honors (if any), ministerial/denominational standing, and the names of at least three references and an indication of how they can speak to your qualifications. You may use whatever format you prefer.

2. A signed waiver (provided below). This waiver grants your permission for the Search Committee to obtain criminal record checks, to contact references and previous employers, and to engage with other persons or agencies deemed to have information relevant to your application. A provisional submission of the form can be made electronically. We ask that a signed hard copy be mailed to the Committee at the following address: Pastoral Search, c/o Trudy Summers, 30 Western Ave, Suite 210, Gloucester, MA 01930.


3. A written Statement of Faith which deals specifically with the following doctrines at the least: God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Angels and Demons, the Nature of Humanity, Sin, Salvation, the Church, Last Things, and the Scriptures (including a discussion of its inspiration, authority, inerrancy, and the relationship between the Old and New Testaments). Please note any areas where you may be uncomfortable with or in disagreement with the church’s Statement of Faith.

4. A written Statement of Conversion which explains how you came to Christ and what the impact of that decision has been. Please include your understanding of discipleship and how you nurture your own spiritual growth, as well as how you deal with ongoing sin in your life.

5. A written statement of your Call to the Ministry which explains how you came to believe this is the Lord’s calling on your life. Please include a description of your pastoral gifts and how those gifts have been affirmed, what particular burdens you have for the church and how you have responded to those burdens, and how you have come to this point of desiring to minister as a full-time pastor.

6. A Philosophy of Ministry

7. Links to at least two sermons. Video links are preferred, but audio links are also acceptable.

When your material is completed, please send it to