About Us

Our Vision

We at Lanesville Congregational Church are committed to inviting our community to know Jesus more, to grow in our knowledge and commitment to Jesus Christ, and to send out disciples of Jesus to restore and renew this world. This Invite, Grow, Send paradigm directs all that we do as we minister to the Cape Ann community.

Our History

The Orthodox Congregational Church in Lanesville is an evangelical church of the reformed congregational tradition. Established in August of 1830 in response to the rise of Universalism among some of the churches in Gloucester, our church continues to strive for a high standard of orthodoxy. Since 1966, the Orthodox Congregational Church in Lanesville has been a member of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

Organization of the Church

Consistent with Congregationalism, our church is self-governed. The Pastors and the members of the various boards and committees are elected annually by the members of our church. On the third Sunday of every October, our annual meeting is held, by God’s grace, to vote on the direction in which the church should go during the coming year. Along with the Pastors, Elders, Deacons and the Missions Committee oversee the implementation of these directions.

The Elders are responsible for the spiritual well-being of the church. Each Elder is responsible to pray consistently and offer counsel when requested for about ten to twelve families. The Deacons oversee the physical well-being of the church; that is, to minister and care for the physical needs of the members, as well as the maintenance of the properties of the church. The Missions Committee is responsible for the oversight of the church’s mission and evangelistic outreach programs.

Service of Worship

Our service of worship combines traditional and contemporary styles with the goal being to bring honor and glory to God. Emphasis is placed on the teaching of the Word of God and praise through song. Click here to learn more about our Sunday Morning Service.

Church Constitution and By-laws

If you’re interested in knowing more about our church, you can download our constitution and by-laws here: Constitution and Bylaws – October, 2017-1.